What We Do

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Learn more about what we do to build great software solutions for our partners and clients. How we improve our clients digital presence, how we select right technology, how we plan our deliveries and the how we dive into details to capture full requirement is further discussed here.

Partner with clients to improve their digital presence

We partner with our clients to enhance their service capabilities by introducing digital solutions. These solutions vary from enterprise application platforms to process automations to content management and delivery. We invest time to understand the client’s product and their perspective about the solution so that we could meet customer expectations. But at the same time we use our technology expertise to select the correct architecture for the solution so that we could implement it in the most appropriate way

Deliver solutions with latest but yet appropriate technologies

We love new technology. But we are very selective when it comes to applying new technology to any solution we develop. We do our own analysis about the technology to understand where that is in its lifecycle, how popular the technology among other developers how compatible the technology is with open standards and more than anything else, how appropriate the technology for solution i consideration. If all these found to be positive, then we incorporate that technology with our solution.

Plan the entire project delivery

Planning is hard and it is even harder when there are volatilities. Software projects could be volatile and it is common that there are many assumptions to consider when develop a software. But we appreciate the importance of planning which is the key for on time/on budget delivery. So we never hesitate to invest time on planning at the beginning of any project. We create a high level plan considering different sections and then go into the detail of each section as we progress. As a practice, we walk back from the delivery date by allocating time for each task and verify whether the project could be completed on time based on where we are right now and what resource we have in future. This gives us complete visibility into what could happen in future so we could find alternatives to avoid any possible delays.

Dive into details so we could find the devil early

Accuracy of planning completely rely on whether we have considered all relevant details of the project. That’s why we use documentation such as technical specifications, user specifications, detail storyboards and wireframes to explain systems in detail for different stakeholders. These documents push us to go through all the requirements with a fine tooth comb and make sure all aspects of the project has been covered. In addition to that, storyboards and wireframes bring our client and us to common understanding on what we are building and what they expect at the end of developing the system.
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