Project Delivery

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Fixed Price

If a software development has a clear scope and finalised requirement set, it qualifies to call as project which has a clear start and an end. If what need to be done is identified, that gives us the opportunity to accurately estimate the efforts involve with delivering that project and hence the time and cost involve. When we have this clarity about the details of the project, we could come up with a fixed cost and time to deliver the project, which is the most cost effective way for a client to get a project delivered. The caveat is, client should have a definite and clear understanding about the final out come of the project.
Most of the time, this clear picture may not available with the client. At such times, we work with our clients to create required documentation to capture the details of the project so that we could estimate the project accurately and identify the cost and time involve with it.

We generate different projects documentation such as Technical and User specs, User Stories, Wireframes, Detail task breakdowns, Project Plans etc. All these assure clear shared understanding of requirements and deliverables between client and delivery team.

In the project delivery plan, we include multiple intermediate releases which demonstrate the progress of the project. This gives an opportunity for the client to build confidence about the progress and give any feedback on what has been developed so far which assure high quality final product “Right First Time”

At Fidenz, Project costings is completely based on number of hours and hourly rate. To keep things simple, we have the same hourly rate for all different project delivery tasks and any additional efforts involve also will be charged at the same rate.

Please refer our Development Process for more details.

Time and Material

There are enough occasions where the basic requirements of a project has been identified to a great level but there are some loose ends due to external integrations, need further feedback from beta testers or possible scope changes. Further, if a project codebase transferred from a different developer, Fidenz may not be able to fully estimate the depth and breadth of the project. A such situation, it would make sense to opt for time and material basis where client has to pay only for the time spend on developing, improving or fixing bugs. Even when it is time and material, we prefer to give a notion about effort involve with the development but without a warranty about the accuracy of the estimate.
We are committed to deliver the right thing at the best cost for clients so that they will be comfortable in building long term relationships with us.
Either case, our project management and progress monitoring systems assure the complete transparency to our clients, which gives no surprises when work with Fidenz Technologies.

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