Virtual Teams

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This is one of our key differentiators. We understand that you would love to have your own team who follows the same process, culture that you have in your organization at a fraction of the cost that you would spend within your organization and with no additional management overhead. We can help you setting up your own virtual team at Fidenz. Once you set up the team, you may make required investments on people, skills and technologies as per your organizational strategies and grow it as as your own. Fidenz will provide required infrastructure as per the agreed engagement level. Following diagram shows different engagement levels you can have to set up your virtual teams within Fidenz
In addition to your permanent or “core” team ,our Flex team model helps our clients when there is a high demand for capacity due to special project/initiative while maintaining their core team team to perform the business as usual (BAU) operations. The advantage for the clients is they do not required to maintain larger teams when there is no adequate work. The Flex team will be a shared team across multiple clients and the team will be assigned and charge based on utilization on demand.

Virtual Teams

The virtual teams model in outsourcing is the best possible model or long-term on going software development work with large volumes. This model is suitable for organizations that plan to optimize the software development by long term investments in building an outsourced team in a location where labor is relatively cheap.

In order to achieve this goal, Fidenz will be providing carefully selected engineers with great knowledge in fundamentals of computer science and software engineering and ready to train them on specific technology stacks so that they could contribute to the clients projects effectively .

All human resource related tasks including recruitment are carried out by Fidenz so client has to put no efforts in that aspect. If interested, client has the option of interviewing employees before selecting them for the team.

Team usually manage by their own with a in-house(at Fidenz) project manager who liaising with a project manager or program manager from client side. This need minimum effort from client as all other aspects of managing and maintaining the team carried out by Fidenz.

Depending on requirements, client could provide the required hardware and infrastructure, but those could arranged by Fidenz as well.
Once a resource is dedicated to a team that resource would stay in that team for a long period of time, so the engineer will have a thorough knowledge about the domain and solution they are developing for the client. Usually contracts for this model has minimum period of 1 year and most often extend over multiple years.

Resource Augmentation

When client already have an in-house development team and need more capacity to speed up the delivery process, this model become handy. Unlike in Dedicated Teams, when client choose to work with this model, he could project manage and set priorities to the tasks for the augmented resources. Usually the engineers participate for daily scrums and work based on client’s project management tools.

With this model, it is easy to increase or decrease number of resources working on the project to meet fluctuating resource demands.

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