Iper Direkte AS

Requirement of the project is to create a web portal to provide access to Iper consumer and business data to their clients. To bridge the consumers with the data, building a web interface (RESTful) to integrate with external systems was the solution.

Duration : 4+ years (and continuing)


  • ASP
  • .Net MVC
  • Web API
  • MS SQL Server
  • KnockoutJS
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Auction Platform

Auction Platform is a cloud based software solution which automates the tea auctioning process in Sri Lanka.
this platform allow to share and collaborate auction data among tea sellers, buyers and auctioneers. In addition to sharing data among multiple interest groups, this platform allows auctioneers and buyers to plan their purchases buy required tea quantities from multiple auctions.

Duration : 5+ years (and continuing)


  • iOS
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Node.js
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