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Popularity of Smartphones increase everyday and people use smartphones to increase productivity of their day to day life, as an enabler for socially connectivity and to reach entertainment on the go. All these aspects mean availability of general public as a market segment for mobile applications and apps target this segment would call consumer apps. There are so many success stories where individuals and companies have change lifestyle of general public through apps and then have fine their fortune through sales or in-app purchases of these apps.

Usability/User Experience

Usability and User Experience of your app could decide the destiny of it. Downloading an app to an user’s smartphone itself is challenging and expensive task and apps get downloaded most of the time does not pass the registration process which allow the user to see the functionality of the application. This happens mainly due to the of the application where the layouts and navigation are not intuitive enough for an average users to navigate through the app and see the functions and features he/she was expecting. We take this Usability seriously and conduct multiple tests and run many verification processes to make sure the app could be used by an averagely tech savvy user. We pay special emphasis to Onboarding Process of users to the application and make sure the user understand the simple and intuitive navigation and layouts of the app which is consistent throughout the application.

Social Connectivity

As part of onboarding process, we highly encourage users to rely on popular social platform logins (such as Facebook, Google , LinkedIn etc) rather than custom account for your app. There are so many solutions an average user opt to register and use, and that number is of course too high to remember username and password for each. Social platform logins completely eliminate the need to remember credentials for your app and take off one of the most common barriers for user to revisit your app.

Offline capabilities

Most apps rely on information coming from cloud servers where all the information related to functionality are persisted. Cloud server are essential when centrally storing and then distributing data to multiple devices used by the same user or even to devices used by different users. But the downside of relying on cloud servers is the device connectivity. Network connections are unreliable, and that is the assumption all apps should built upon. At Fidenz we start application design and architecture considering this aspect which means the app should be capable to provide meaningful functionality even at offline state. Data caching and background data synchronizations are always parts of the application core and provide seamless experience for the end user and even to the back-office system administration to work with you app and its management.

Location services

Location services have been around in smart devices for decades, but effective continuous use is still a challenge. Technically this is due to high processing power required to manage location services related hardware up and running and hence the battery drain. Most platforms provide more advance APIs, polling and notification mechanisms to minimize the battery drain but still it leaves a lot to be done by custom application developer to make a usable location service enabled application. We have been working with location services for years and our experience has evolved with platform builders approaches to tackle this problem. Fidenz has build reliable and reusable location service libraries which gives best accuracy and minimum resource drain. It is part of our approach to build usable and robust apps by making user the minimum memory, processor and storage footprints


Consumer privacy plays a major role for the success of an app specially in a long run. This may not be vital to validate your idea or get the traction, but as more and more users start to use your app, it should be capable of preserving user privacy. Fidenz understand the importance of this aspect and start implementing all possible precautions to avoid any privacy compromises. We facilitate both persistent level and transport level encryptions and assure no information leakages at device, transport or at cloud. Fidenz’s solution design and architecture development start with privacy in mind, so it is embedded into systems rather than laying over already developed systems. This assure bullet proof system against privacy invasion.

Analytics and engagement monitoring

Irrespective to how well an app has designed for its usability and user experience, it is important to know how your end user engage with your application. For instance, which pages they spend the time most, which button a user tap the most or even which links users miss the most could give you insights on how to improve your application to make sure it delivers the value you wanted to deliver to the end user. At Fidenz we have a practice of incorporating user tracking into apps we develop and the provide means to monitor and analyze user behavior within the application. Without these insights, you are completely blind about your app installed in your user’s smartphone.
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