Startup Solutions

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Tech startups user newly emerging technology to solve day to day problems. They try to validate their idea with minimum cost and then build traction to raise more money for expansion. We work with startups to make their dreams come true by providing right technology solutions at best price.

MVP development

As lean methodology taking traction in many different domains, startups also got its lean approach by embracing Minimum Viable Product. Approach is such that, develop the minimum features which enable the entrepreneur to validate the viability of the idea with minimum cost and time. We have developed many MVP products during last 7 years in operation and we are more than happy to share our expertise with anyone wish to validate their ideas. Mostly we suggest to decide on a budget and then deliver as many possible functions and features within that budget while making sure the core functionality which create the value proposition for the solution is preserved. With this approach we have saved tens of thousands of dollars for our clients and have directed them to success with shortest possible path.

Rapid development and deployment

Startups which have passed the MVP stage (of course with reasonable traction) need to move fast with their progress. Development tools we use have been selected considering the need of rapid progress in mind. Initially we would spend little extra time to set up ourselves with right set of tools and infrastructure and then we could move much faster than usual. For instance, we always have fully unit tested version of the app which is ready to push to production with couple of hours of testing (manual or automated). This adds value to the startup as they could onboard early adopters to their system with minimum time while offering them the client specific features built into the main solution.

Regular releases (feature additions/upgrades)

For startup solutions we always recommend to releases in regular intervals. Right after launch this could be every week, but as the system mature this could extend to once in 2 weeks to once a month. When we do regular releases, it is possible to address the most critical issues immediately and then prioritize other issues in order of importance. This helps overall quality of the solution to go up within very short period of time and help to minimize user churning significantly.

Cross platform (whenever possible)

We believe in do things right than do things for the sake of doing. So we are fans of building native apps for both iOS and Android because that’s the best way to give user the real experience of your app on their device. Having said that, we encourage some startups to go for cross platform so that they could reach most of their target market with minimum cost. Going cross platform depend on many different reasons which could vary depending on type of app you are building, type of target market you are approaching and key features you offer in your app. With careful study on these different requirements it is still possible to win all front with a cross platform app and save tons of money.


Setting up DevOps for a small application may not be justifiable, but from experience we know how much time and efforts down the line it saves for the client and even for Fidenz as a service provider. We always have our source in Git based source control system and prefer to create pipelines for the deployment of the application. We manage 3 different versions of the application where bleeding edge developments get committed to dev branch and tested and verified version in staging branch and last release of the app in public use on production branch. In addition to that streamlines source controlling, we use dockers to make sure our apps could deploy effortlessly. We have automated unit test with high coverage which gives us the confidence to deploy any new feature/function to production with minimum efforts.
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