Delivery Process

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Project Charter

Before commencing a project we look for a project a s charter. But in case of a missing project we collaboratively work with the client to create a project charter to officially kick off the project work. When doing so, we evaluate the viability and feasibility of the project to assure it is under our wheelhouse.

Scope Discovery

Information is gathered and exchanged to understand client’s requirements and the industry. Fidenz would provide advice and consultancy to the client for a better solution.

Ballpark Estimates

In practice, Fidenz provides at least two rough estimates. One takes a minimalist approach where only the essential features are included. The other is a more comprehensive approach. Clients could choose either of the two options, or anything in between to suit their budgets and expectations.

Detailed Estimates with Breakdown

Once the exact scope of work is identified, Fidenz will prepare a robust estimate with a detailed breakdown. This will ensure complete transparency and trust. The breakdown would consist of number of hours (time estimate per web pages, etc.), UI finalizations, quality assurance, contingency, deployment, etc. Contingency covers any erroneous estimates from our part, and any minor requirement deviations by the client, keeping the project cost static.

System Architecture & Design

This is the foundation of the final solution. A thorough system architecture design ensures robustness, scalability, security, performance, traceability, and third party integrations in the end solution.

Storyboards & Wireframes

Storyboards provide clients with an understanding of screen navigation of the application. This paints a picture of how the application would behave in its functionality.

The wireframes would include a unique address to every screen, which define the navigation from one to the other.

Sprint Planning & Resource Allocation

Scrum is a development model at Fidenz. We identify the optimum sprint length (two to four weeks) depending on the size and complexity of the project. High-level features would be delivered in each sprint. Intermediate sprint focuses on details.
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