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CodeCampChallenge is an open source project based on which allows to host coding competitions using JavaScripts. Further CodeCampChallenge could use to evaluate software engineering candidates remotely for their programming and algorithm implementation skills.

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CodeCampChallenge(CCC)is a platform based on (FCC). FCC has been modified to host coding competitions where answers to each question is hidden from one user to another. In addition to concealing answers, CCC has leaderboards to determine the progress of participants and live chat integration to provide ongoing support for the participants. 
CCC has been further adapted to evaluate programming skills of software engineering candidates who apply for job openings. Approach is such that, challenges in CCC teaches the candidates, the basics of JavaScript and gradually move into more challenging problem solving challenges. This provides a greater reach to candidates compared to in person interviews by saving time and resources. Meantime, it gives the access to the “long tail” of candidates who could actually code but not so great in presenting themselves in an interview.

CCC is an open source project. You could try it out as a hosted service or look into its repositories with links below.

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