Consumer Applications

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The smartphone is an integral part of human life. With smartphone usage, a plethora of mobile apps is introduced catering to all aspects of life. Such consumer and lifestyle apps would range from music, news, messaging, social media, health & fitness, sports, games, and more.

Smartphone consumer apps reach all corners of the world resulting in a multi-billion dollar industry.

User Friendliness

Success of an application (app) depends on usability and user experience. Many newly installed apps would be discarded right away, due to lack of intuitive layouts and navigation.

Fidenz invests a lot of attention to the usability of the app, through multiple tests and robust verification processes. An emphasis is given to smooth layouts and navigation which runs throughout the app. Custom made apps are created with a keen focus on the respective target markets. This ensures the highest consumer satisfaction.

Social Connectivity

A user on average has around 80 apps installed on a smartphone. Login into most of these can be cumbersome, and the credentials hard to remember. Thus, we embed the option to login via popular social platforms like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, etc. This results in ease of use and acceptance of the app by many users.

Offline Capabilities

We like every app to have the ability to function without connectivity. Fidenz created apps are mostly inbuilt with the offline capabilities embedded into them. Therefore, most of our apps would function well even at poor connectivity or at offline state.

Location Service

Location service is an integral part of applications in most instances. However, the use of location service is a balancing act between functionality, phone battery drainage, processing power, and more.

Years of expertise had taught us to use location service in the most efficient way. Our apps uses memory, processing power, and battery efficiently along with industry class functionality.

Security & Privacy

Security and privacy are major concerns for many app users, and rightly so. One such way a security breach or a privacy leak happens is through a poorly built application.

Fidenz understands and acknowledges this reality and takes all necessary steps to create apps fool proof as possible. We facilitate persistent and transport level encryption that ensures no information is leaked at the device, transportation, or at cloud. Security and privacy is embedded into the app from ground up, resulting in secure experiences against privacy invasions.

Analytics & Engagement Monitoring

Analytics and engagement monitoring is a form acquiring direct feedback from the end user. Analytics could show which pages, posts, buttons, links, etc. are viewed the most and for how long, and which sections of the app users avoid, etc. Such information could be used to create better user experiences across all users, or to target specific market segments.

Fidenz understand the value of analytics. Thus, we incorporate such analytics and engagement monitoring tools into our apps where the app owners would have a thorough understanding of its users.

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