Startup Solutions

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Most start-ups are with limited cash and liquidity. Such limited resources could be wisely managed with the use of technology. Fidenz introduces such technologies and custom-made solutions for start-ups at competitive prices.

MVP Development

As lean methodology has taken traction in many domains, we too embrace and promote it amongst start-ups. Minimum Viable Product is such a lean solution developing minimum features that enable the entrepreneur to validate the viability of the idea with minimum cost and time. We have developed many MVP solutions, with remarkable success, over the years.

We advise our clients on how to deliver minimum features, while ensuring the core functionality that creates the value proposition is preserved. With this approach, we have saved tens of thousands of dollars for our clients, and helped them to success with shortest possible path.

Rapid Development & Deployment

Time is money. We at Fidenz know this. Therefore, we introduce development tools with rapid progress in mind. Once we set up the process with the right set of tools and infrastructure, moving ahead would be smooth and fast.

For instance, our fully unit tested versions of the apps are ready for production, with few hours of testing (manual or automated). Thus, our clients could on-board early adopters to their systems with minimum time and efforts.

Regular Releases (feature additions/upgrades)

Software solutions we create are released to the clients, periodically, prior to the conclusion of the project. This allows the exchange of feedback and modifications before the solution is finalized and completed. This process results in a smooth and efficient solution.

After the project is delivered to the client, further updates and feature additions could be scheduled periodically, ensuring higher customer satisfaction.

Apps: Native vs. Cross Platform

These are the two main ways of creating mobile apps. After a thorough research and analysis of client’s industry, and depending on their requirements, we would recommend the best alternative.

Native apps are limited to a single platform (iOS, Android, etc.) while cross platform apps, as the name suggests, work across many platforms. Both native and cross platform methods come with pros and cons to each. Choosing the correct methodology will benefit the company exponentially.


DevOps is the practice of development engineers and operational teams participating together in the entire service lifecycle, from design through the development process, to production support.

This methodology could be costly to implement, but much efforts, time, and money would be saved in future by this process. Adhering to DevOps, all Fidenz’s teams would collaborate in design, development, and deployment.

Additionally, to streamline source controlling, we use Dockers ensuring the apps would deploy effortlessly. The automated unit testing with high coverage gives us the confidence to deploy any new feature or function to production with minimum efforts.

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