Ruby on Rails

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Ruby on Rails (ROR) is Fidenz’s primary framework for web application development. Years of expertise enables Fidenz to deliver successful projects via ROR. Our engineers use a fine set of gems to build applications that provide reliability, scalability, easy maintenance, and delivery in complex web solutions.

Fidenz has done many ROR based integrations using open standards. We have shared our knowledge of ROR and other platforms by contributing for many open source projects. Our expertise enables us to integrate ROR based custom applications with many different services, to deliver right functionality for products. Over the years, we have deployed our applications to many different hosting environments reliably.

*Actual names/logos of some of the projects are subject to non-disclosure for privacy concerns

Golf Today

Golf Today is an institute which trains recreational golfers. Golf Today conducts workshops and various other events which coach the interested parties on how to play golf as a sport. In addition to in person training, it has its teaching material packaged into a series of videos, task lists, questionnaires and text content so that these lessons could be delivered online.

Duration : 5+ years


    • ROR
    • AngularJS
    • PostgreSQL
    • Bootstrap
    • AWS services : CloudFront HLS, AWS Elastic Transcoder, AWS SNS/SQS
    • Objective-C
    • Android/Java
    • SQLite
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FreeLizer is a platform that connects event producers, project managers, and audio visual firms with freelancing professionals in the industry. With a proven business model, the demand for FreeLizer’s services has been high, and the previous platform they used to operate on, was essentially at capacity ( They had only a wordpress website with a very few number of operational engagements,and many business operations were performed manually ). Recognizing this growth barrier, they decided to go for a fully automated web based solution to manage the operations of their organization. This is where Fidenz came into the picture, and assisted the FreeLizer organization by engineering a fully customized web solution using a robust framework, allowing for more integration, automation and scalability.

Duration : 2019-07 – present


    • HTML5,CSS
    • ROR
    • PostgreSQL
    • DocuSign
    • Redis
    • Sidekiq(ruby)
    • Capistrano(ruby)
    • Google maps and Google Calendar
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Bhoozt is a tech startup with an ambition to revolutionize the advertising and marketing industry. Their strategy is to achieve better marketing and advertising mileage through a novel marketing concept, but for a fraction of the cost. Business clients of Bhoozt would promote their businesses by ‘paying it forward,’ and be remembered and loved by their customers in return.

Duration : 2+ years (and continuing)


    • Ruby on Rails
    • PWA React (Progressive Web Application)
    • PostgreSQL
    • Android
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Fidenz History with Ruby on Rails

We have been developing apps using Ruby on Rails since 2013. Prior to ROR, we have used .Net and PHP for backend scripting that were beneficial for web development.

Best practices and discipline surrounding Ruby on Rails convinced us of its superiority. Coding conventions, strict Object Oriented Programming Model, use of ORM, and availability of finely crafted gems (modules for Ruby) encourage our engineering team to learn and master the language, so to rely on ROR for any future projects.

The team spent three to six months on the technology, to come up to speed with it. Our experience with various languages and technologies helped us understand the fundamentals easily and to become productive quickly.

Ruby on Rails Development

Ruby on Rails (ROR) is our preferred language and framework for all our web application developments. Over the last seven years, we have delivered solutions for e-commerce, mobile application backend (iOS & Android), admin portals, content management systems, and forums using ROR. Our unique project delivery process complements successful delivery of solutions using ROR. You could find more details of such solutions in our portfolio page.
Ruby on Rails Active Admin
Ruby on Rails Redis
Our preferred online store engine is SpreeCommerce. Our technical know-how with Ruby on Rails and familiarity with SpreeCommerce lead us to become one of the few technology partners of SpreeCommerce. As their partners, we could work on their Wombat Platform that provides connectivity between different e-commerce related SaaS platforms.

As part of the development related to Wombat, we have the ability to work with globally renowned platforms such as Xero and TradeGecko to develop integrations between such systems and Wombat.

Open Source with Ruby on Rails

As part of the partnership with SpreeCommerce, we have done some open source integration that gave us the opportunity to understand the architecture of Wombat, SpreeCommerce, and other third party platforms.

Noteworthy Open Source Contributions

Spree/Xero Integration

Developed a gem to synchronize data between SpreeCommerce(Wombat) and Xero Accounting SaaS platform

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Spree/TradeGecko Integration

Gem development to synchronize data between SpreeCommerce(Wombat) and TradeGecko

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This gem provides an easier solution to search engine optimization(SEO) in a rails project. This will give you the seo capabilities to your static pages and dynamic pages alike with few lines of code

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Ruby on Rails Third Party Integration


This is an integration module to connect any admin portal or CMS with IBM Netsuite Platform. This integration enables the authentication of users, user profile management, membership management, and all types of payment processing.


The integration module to connect Moodel (open source learning platform) with any admin portal or CMS allows user management, single-sign-on (SSO), and synchronization of course details between Moodle and external applications.


For the platforms we develop, our choice of object storage is AWS S3. We have been using S3 for many years and we seamlessly integrate S3 for secure and reliable object storage.



We integrate Elasticsearch with RoR application for data indexing, that facilitates super-fast searching & filtering over large volumes of data. Also, Logstash & Kibana are used respectively for ingesting logs and analyzing log data when RoR applications produce valuable log data at a high rate.


Notifications wake up mobile devices. To handle such complex native notification capabilities of iOS and Android, different platforms had sprung up. To integrate these platforms, we use Firebase.


Payment gateways

Most web portals require payment gateways integrated to the web site. We are experienced in working with multiple payment gateways, catering to customer desires. Considering the volume, average transaction size, and type of targeted customers, we work with our clients to decide on the most suitable payment gateway for their business.

We have integrated different offerings from various payment gateway providers such as Stripe, PayPal, and FirstData to give the best ROI for our clients.

Ruby on Rails Toolbox

Over the years of Ruby on Rails usage, we have come to like a selected set of gems. These could be reliably used in any solution we develop. We have used these gems multiple times and we dig deep into codebases, to be efficient and well-versed in these.

Ruby on Rails Hosting

Hosting Services

Each solution we have developed using Ruby on Rails has different traffic, storage, processing, and memory requirements. To handle these different requirements in a cost-effective and reliable manner we have worked with multiple different hosting service providers. We prefer hosting systems in AWS EC2 as it provides many other services within the ecosystem itself.
However depending on the clients’ concerns such as simplicity of management and pricing, we host systems on Heroku, Google Cloud, and DigitalOcean as well.

Hosting Environments

We prefer Linux based server environments for hosting any production level Ruby on Rails applications with a CI/CD pipeline. Depending on the architectural complexity of the systems, we sometimes use dockerized application containers with the Nginx web server and Passenger module. When deploying microservice applications we usually use Kubernetes to manage the Docker containers for different services.

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