Aventi Technologies

Aventi Technologies

Aventi Technologies

Aventi supplies systems for management, control and surveillance, video surveillance, and electrical installations in the transport sector – both road and rail industry Norway. Fidenz joined the project to enhance their services by creating a smart transportation system.

*Images, designs, and the names used in this particular case study are changed due to contractual obligations.

Client Requirement

Aventi embarked on a multitude of requirements to implement in the project. One of the critical needs is to develop a solution creating a smart transportation system to monitor all vehicles (including vehicle details), establish and communicate all obstacles such as oncoming vehicles, accidents, roadblocks, and road signs. Another requisite is to manifest wrong-way drivers, poor road conditions, and traffic. All these data were required to send out to 3rd parties upon request as a public API.

Challenges in the Business Process

Certain initial challenges were to work with multiple teams in multiple time zones. There were Norwegians, Sri Lankans, French, Swedes, and other nationals working together. Although it was challenging, the conditions made the project more exciting, fun, and worthwhile. We traveled abroad to research and learn more from each other to better our games.

Challenges in Technology

Thorough research was conducted on multiple new technologies and methodologies to select the most viable database. These researches spanned over various teams across different nations. We tested the systems and structures on archiving historical data, using threads and queues to handle enormous amounts of data (millions of records even) per sec. We needed a scalable system to capture the vast inflow of data that comes from multiple device vendors such as onboard units and roadside units. To enhance the system security, we experimented with various measures, which included TLS  for the database and running a virtual road site unit. Furthermore, the mode of communications was thoroughly encrypted, which required a username and password, including authentication to carry out information from the Database server.

Final Outcome

The next step in moving forward was system integration. For this, we flew to Oslo and conducted the procedure at the Aventi’s office, followed by a factory test right across the street.  Following several successful factory testing, it was time for a pilot deployment to be conducted in the Norwegian Public Road Administration (NPRA) presence. With clearances from the NPRA, the next hurdle was to conduct user acceptance testing, which was successfully carried out at the pilot-test site. To conclude, we find this ongoing amazing journey as one of a kind, and to date, we are experimenting, working, and developing this system with Aventi Technology AS.