Catering products with the capability to handle future changes and volumes.


Product Development

Product Development

From inception, we provide usage effort and dedication to our work. With a thorough understanding of the fundamentals, we build our ideation, communicate new ideas and share our experiences to develop innovative, best solutions. We focus on idea validation, technical feasibility, technology and cater to processes like PoC and MvP to bring insights on the achievability of each requirement. We use our years of experience to ensure our solutions are fault-tolerant and provide user-centric platforms with more choices and flexibility for an ultimate present and future experience. The constant support after product development avails future enhancements and maintenance.




Right Ideation

With a thorough understanding of the digital landscape, we build our ideation for a business model. We communicate new ideas and share our experiences, and develop an innovative and the best of its class solutions for the client's requirements.




Feasibility Tools

We use PoC and MVP tools to highlight the roadblocks and enhance implementations. The steps enable us to collect feedback from actual users, analyze the validity, and bring insights from the market. Fidenz uses these tools to make a competitive edge and deliver an authentic product.




Reinforcing Backbone

Scalability is an essential factor to adapt to future requirements. We ensure our solutions are fault-tolerant and continue operations even in the event of a failure of its specific components. We further create a distinctly accessible and user-centric platform for our clients. These elements together build best of its class software platforms.



And Aftercare

Sustainability And Aftercare

Our services do not hinder upon completion. We constantly support the platforms and improve them to deliver the optimal user experience. Fidenz provides continuous maintenance to the engineered solutions to evolve with the necessary updates and features promptly. Our team of engineers is thorough in skills and knowledge and is versatile in delivering well-integrated and scalable solutions for the present and future.

Tech Expertise

Tech Expertise

With hands-on experience in developing mobile and web-based applications, we provide prompt solutions to the unique requirements of customers. We keep striving to deliver the best while adapting to implementations and the latest technologies.


Mobile Apps

We build fully-fledged Android and iOS mobile apps for individual consumers, start-ups, and enterprises. Our end-to-end services are based on both native and cross-platform technologies to suit your business environment and the industry.


Web apps

Web applications are the backbone of internet usage. Although mobile applications are increasingly becoming popular, most of them rely on backend web applications for primary content and content synchronization.



IoT is a technology that enables data transfer over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. We provide reliable and robust IoT solutions as our experience in this domain is rock solid.



Due to its ability to handle large data streams, Kafka has emerged as a powerful tool to handle event streams in modern day solution development. We at Fidenz use the efficiency, adaptability, and scalability of Kafka, along with Kubernetes and Docker, to develop state of the art solutions.

Support Services

Support Services

Software product development is the backbone of a solution. It is surrounded by many other essential elements to make a successful delivery. Fidenz have made sure all necessary support services are available under one roof for anyone who is serious about building a software product that is future proof.
Fidenz prides itself on delivering excellent Support Services. From UI/UX, DevOps to Documentation, we provide full-scale support services.


It is common to see UI/UX being considered as a one time task where a designer creates the UI Concept for the software solution. These designs cover most essential elements of UI/UX, but if you want your software product to be a game-changer, it is important to design and present every element of your product appealing to users and intuitive to use. Our passion and experience in designing great UI/UX for software products could make your solution stand out from others. We use tools such as Sketch, Figma, Abstract and Zepplin to deliver high quality UI/UX resources. These tools enable fast delivery, highly interactive collaboration with all stakeholders, uniformity of designs over time and different elements of the software product.


This is one of the most important aspects of software product development which get less attention. Reliable documentation includes different aspects of a system, architecture of the solution, system design, business processes, details of infrastructure and resources. We make the documentation a part of the product development from day one. We trust superior tools such as Atlassian Confluence and Figma to document all aspects of the software product development. These documentations are used by developers, designers, project managers, product owners and other stakeholders from day one and save tons of time over time. The practices help track all aspects of the solution we provide and improve the quality of a software product.


We include DevOps into the design of the software product as we usually consider the entire life cycle of the solution we deliver. The involvement of DevOps engineers and building infrastructure management as part of the product makes the delivery more robust and seamless as we reach the final stages of the product development. Especially when the product we develop should scale with demand and should optimize for infrastructure costs, DevOps could play a major role. Our skills and experiences on infrastructure management and automation save money and time during development of the product. It further assures the high availability of software products we build and guarantees the optimum usage of expensive infrastructure resources.