Facility Cloud

Facility Cloud

Facility Cloud

The facility cloud is a facility management software platform specialized in the design, development, and implementation of next-generation Smart Workplace solutions. Headquartered in Singapore, Facility Clouds works through a global network of partners across Asia, Australia, Europe, USA, and the Middle East to deliver state of the art facility management solutions. While employing iCloud as the flagship cloud platform, the company has held hands with Fidenz to develop apps with diversified industry requirements.

*Images, designs, and the names used in this particular case study are changed due to contractual obligations.

Client Requirement

The iCloud Smart Workplace is an integrated set of technologies, tools, and applications that enable organizations to manage their workplace assets, infrastructure, systems, and people. It further aligns them with core business processes in an efficient manner. The cloud-based web solution provides a sophisticated interface to conduct all related tasks. However, the widely available smartphones could further enrich the interactions between users and the system. Hence, Fidenz was hired to develop a suite of mobile applications to enhance the interactions between systems and different actors.

Challenges in Technology

The central cloud system had different master data sets with different Expected Time to Live (ETL). Synchronizing these data between mobile devices and the cloud could not handle traditional sequential methods of data synchronization. A special caching methodology was introduced to address the requirement more efficiently and effectively. Further, background and on-demand data synchronization capabilities were introduced to enhance the usability of the apps.

Apart from these, additional measures were taken to track application activities. Popular analytic frameworks were not an option as these applications should work on local area networks (LANs). Our expertise developers at Fidenz implemented activity tracking, logging, and transmitting modules to investigate user behavior within the application.

Challenges in Delivery

The iCloud platform usually gets deployed to multiple different private clouds. Each cloud could have its own version of iCloud to handle site-specific solution requirements. These differences could be additional or fewer attributes for an entity or a feature being required or being optional based on the business case. Even with these variations, it was required to use a single mobile app to handle all different cloud apps versions. This introduced significant challenges in implementing the solution and further extended when it comes to quality assuring and commissioning apps for production use. Additional type checking, exception handling in the code, use of web service API tools to detect differences in data outputs from Web APIs helped the delivery team to establish the reliability of the applications.

Final Outcome

Over the last 4 years, Fidenz Technologies have developed more than 10 different apps on the iCloud platform. Currently, we are implementing more apps to enhance the capabilities of different user types who engage with the cloud platform. Moreover, we continue to improve already developed apps to make the usability and user experience even richer.