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Fidenz Academy is an on the job training program to select, mentor and train individuals who has passion for software development. Selected trainees get an opportunity to work with senior engineers on multiple technologies to understand and practice fundamentals of computer programing with real-world problems.

Join Academy

What is Fidenz Academy

Fidenz Academy is an on the job training program to train fresh graduates or undergraduates to build core skills in programing so that they could effectively work on commercial projects. Fidenz has been using this training program over the last 6 years to recruit engineers who are currently delivering complex projects with latest technologies.

Who could join Fidenz Academy

Anyone could join this program provided that they could work at our office from Monday to Friday on usual office hours (9AM-5PM). We have not set any criteria for selection, but we try to understand individual’s interest and commitment for programming. We try to gauge this aspect by understanding whether an individual has done any developments as his or her own initiative. Development could be some contribution to an open source project or a simple tool or utility to try out a programming language.

Selection Process

Conducting interviews for large number of candidates is a difficult task which takes long period of time. so we have setup an online portal where candidates could complete series of programming challenges to prove themselves. If you have completed 90% of the challenges in this list, you are very likely to get selected for the second round of selection process.

Structure of Testing

Fidenz Academy has selected set of technologies to train students. First few technologies are basics of current software development ecosystem. These technologies include HTML/CSS, JavaScript, AngularJS, Android/iOS, Ruby on Rails, PHP and .Net.

Everyone starts with HTML/CSS and JavaScript, rest of the topics depend on individual’s interests and resource requirements of the company. Providing knowledge in a specific technology is actually the second priority of this training, but giving experience on how to learn a new technologies (with a shorter learning curve) is the top priority.

We provide training materials for each technology and allocate a time period so the candidate could go through those material and learn by themselves. Training material provided are verified so that such material covers the fundamentals of scope of learning.

Trainees have the option to follow more resources without limiting them to material we have provided. During this time period, trainees have access to senior developers so they could clarify any doubts. At the end of the allocated time to study (or earlier if individuals feel confident), we assess the trainee with an assignment which needed to be completed as per standards set by Fidenz Academy.

Then a senior engineer who is thorough with the relevant technology domain critically evaluate the output. When evaluate , Fidenz Academy decide whether this trainee has the correct discipline in coding and whether he has the correct level of skills to move on to the next level of the training program.

Any trainees who does not meet this basic criterias will be dropped immediately to provide the opportunity to another candidate.

Above process continue for 5 different technologies and anyone managed to complete all technologies would be considered to be part of Fidenz Technologies team

Possible outcomes

If the trainee has proved himself/herself with his/her programing skills and if he/she found to be a good fit to the team, he/she will be hired straight into the Fidenz Team For some reason if the trainee does not get selected to join the team, we issue him/her a certificate to confirm his successful completion of the training programIf the trainee does not get to complete trianing of all required technologies, still will walk out with some experience in coding and most importantly knowing what needed to be improved if him/her to be hired

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