Fidenz and Bhoozt worked closely to create a software solution with a "paying it forward concept." The ambition to revolutionize the advertising and marketing industry and achieve better through a novel marketing concept was a success. The idea was involved with an interactive gaming platform. It successfully became popular where the business clients of Bhoozt were able to promote their products and be remembered and loved by their customers in return.

Client Requirement

Bhoozt strongly believed that people (customers) were sick and tired of old marketing tactics such as discounts, vouchers, loyalty cards, etc. Through academic research, they have been reasoning the matter and realized the power of paying it forward. Paying it forward is an expression when the recipient of an act of kindness does something kind for someone else rather than simply accepting or repaying the original good deed. The concept makes businesses and brands be loved and remembered better. Having this interesting concept in mind, they wanted to create a solution to boost brands and businesses in the hearts and minds of their customers.

Bhoozt requested Fidenz to make an interactive gaming platform for players who like to earn while playing. Games in this platform involved some engagement with the businesses. They were Bhoozt clients who wished to follow this newer approach for creating awareness, branding and marketing their products. This platform needed to fetch data related to different businesses/brands that partnered with Bhoozt, from a backend where they could customize the content themselves.

They requested the same frontend features for both web and mobile users without compromising any features and performance, live updates, notifications, etc.

The requisition further extended to introduce a sophisticated referral and payment tracking feature to keep players engaged and happy. A dedicated analytic dashboard was needed to identify the general analytics of player's behavior. In addition to these pivotal requirements, the client insisted the UI to be clean, minimalistic, and user-friendly.

Challenges in the Business Process

Minimizing the development costs was one of the biggest challenges we faced during the process. A dedicated resource partnership was followed between Fidenz and Bhoozt. A developer, project manager, and quality analyst were dedicated to give constant assistance throughout the project.

The effectiveness of a project depends on planning and resource allocation. Although this structure has proved to be effective early planning was critical for the process.

The approach helped us to be effective in providing service and helped the client to minimize the cost. Meantime, we managed to offer a compatible solution for all platforms using an android app, a PWA, and a CMS.

Another major challenge that we had to face was getting the Bhoozt’s concept rejected from the Apple app store, due to violations of their policies, even when this platform had perfectly met all policies in Google Play. But changing their business model was not an option, so we had to overcome this barrier using a different approach.

Challenges in Technology

Once Fidenz teamed up with Bhoozt to work hand in hand for the project, it was Fidenz responsibility to handle almost every technical aspect of the platform development. Similar to our every project, we ensured our designs were built to adhere to all their terms and conditions. With their intention to create a platform that abstracted a brand new marketing concept,  the team paid great attention when designing the core. The design needs to be flexible enough to accommodate future changes, and the trick indeed came in handy in the days that followed.

With the rejection from the apple store, we suggested moving forward with a Progressive Web App that can run on both iOS and Android devices. This enabled us to reach out to many users on both mobile platforms.

Developing a PWA was a new experience to us, and because of the nature of this platform, this was quite challenging. Especially to implement attractive and complex native features and implementing local data caching methods while keeping the size of the PWA small. However our experienced and well versed team of mobile application engineers nailed this task and delivered out with outstanding results.

Final outcome

Since the beginning of this journey in the year 2018, we have built a strong relationship with our client. We delivered a fully fledged platform to them that featured a CMS, PWA and an android application. The features gave their initiative a huge boost to reach potential partners with confidence.

Bhoozt now hosts many players and businesses on their platform. Our client was exceptionally happy about the frequent successful releases and how well we delivered their requirements each time. We have entered the final stages in new developments for this project, and we continue to provide maintenance and support, adhering to the concerns that come with the increase in player sign-ups.