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Traffic Monitoring

Traffic Monitoring

Traffic Monitoring

Vehicle monitoring system which notifies various incidents in realtime to the central system and nearby vehicles/devices. This project is available as a beta version.

Scale of the project


CI/CD Solution for Web App Deployment

A centralized web application in which repositories are managed on Bitbucket and a clean Git Flow pattern. Developers IDE (Visual studio) directly integrated with Bitbucket and configured with Azure DevOps Pipeline to build, test, and auto-deploy to Azure Web Apps. The application is configured for autoscaling provided via Azure Web App service.

Automated Incident Routing

The application is designed using pub-sub model architecture provided on Apache Kafka. Realtime road incidents data push to Kafka streaming APIs where different Kafka Brokers for different incidents types. All the Broker Topics are dynamically created depending on the Geocode of the incidents.

Beyond the DevOps Role

Our DevOps team is always capable of delivering projects beyond expectations. They have set up Apache Kafka on Azure Kubernetes (AKS) clusters where a single AKS cluster is assigned to the staging environment, and the rest are assigned to the live environment. Kafka connectors such as MQTT Paho Server, MSSQL, ElasticSearch have been configured to consume real-time data and feed it to relevant devices. Logstash and Kibana have been set up along with the Elastic engine to monitor logs and message data.