Microsoft technology stack has been the choice for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) for decades. Web, desktop, and mobile applications could be efficiently and reliably be developed for SMEs, using the .Net framework. Microsoft’s technical documentation, help desk services, and rich online content has made web application development with .Net much easier. We have leveraged on these benefits and developed expertise in providing state of the art solutions. Additionally, we also use Microsoft software platforms such as Azure, IIS, and MS SQL server for web application development and deployment.

A key advantage of using the .NET Framework is its ability to interoperate with a wide range of programming languages, systems and applications. Fidenz Technologies can help you reach your software project goals, reduce development time and costs while achieving a high return on investment for your .NET software development projects. The Microsoft .NET Framework  and Active Server Pages.NET (ASP.NET) are technologies used by software developers and programmers to create original software applications and Web services. One of the key benefits of using the .NET technology to build applications, is it’s compatibility with more other platforms. Due to Microsoft’s dominance and brand presence, .NET development has proved to be a very popular technology among developers to create web services.